7 Elements of Interior Design Series: Part 3 – Understanding ‘Form’.

In part 3 of this 7-part series exploring the seven elements of interior design, we discuss ‘Form’. Developing a basic understanding of the 7 elements of interior design as a real estate photographer assists you in easily identifying the elements (within an interior or exterior space) in which you can work with to create a more visually striking composition.

Form is one of the foundational elements of interior design and is created through the physical shape of a space or room and the three-dimensional object within it. Form is enhanced by colour, pattern and textures, and can be classified as either natural or geometric, and open or closed.  Generally, rectangular shapes can protrude a feeling of boldness and seriousness, while round shapes provide a more relaxed, bubbly feeling to the viewer.

Organic form refers to natural forms that resemble shapes created by nature.  (i.e. a free-standing bathtub with a fluid, pebble shaped structure. Man-made shapes and forms are known as geometric or un-natural forms.

This freestanding bath (on the left) and sink on the right are examples of organic forms.

Open forms relate to the visible outlines of an open shape, i.e. a glass shower frame or walk in robe. Mirrors, lamps, indoor plants and most furniture are closed forms, also known as self-contained forms.

A lounge/sofa is an example of a ‘closed’ shape.

If you are styling a room your goal should be to strike a balance between the number of shapes you use in one room, as having too many within a room can be visually confusing. Best practice is to repeat the dominant form in the smaller objects within the space. For example, in an open plan kitchen/dining space you can use round bar stools along a kitchen bench to complement a round dining table.

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