Real Estate Photographer Club

Steven Ungermann

About the Author

Steven Ungermann, is a professional real estate photographer and founder of multiple businesses in the fields of property marketing and prop-tech. Past accolades include being listed in the Anthill 30 under 30 list and being named a finalist in the Broadcasting & Television 30u30 Awards and the Australian Small Business Champion Awards.

He started his real estate photography business while studying at university and grew it into a 6-figure company servicing some of the world’s largest commercial and residential real estate franchises and property developers. In 2019 he founded Haus Photo Media, to provide photographers with educational resources such as books and courses, to help start and grow their own real estate photography business.

The Real Estate Photographer Club was established to better connect with students and purchasers of the books to continue to provide updated and relevant articles and resources to help with their photography careers.