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About the Club

The Real Estate Photography Club was launched in 2022 as a way of connecting real estate photographers across the globe to build a community to grow and learn together.

The club is suitable for all new and established real estate photographers in all countries. Although the real estate markets differ between individual cities in each country, the same principles apply to all aspects of the business including marketing, equipment, finance, and business development.

The foundation of this blog was built on selected updated sections from the books published by Haus Photo Media, however the content of the platform will consist of new and relevant articles and resources, interviews, and other valuable content. The forum is a place where you can connect with other real estate photographers and discuss all things real estate photography.

It is free to join the club and enjoy all the following benefits.

  • 10% off annual listing packages on
  • The ‘Marketing Guide for Real Estate Photographers’ e-book.
  • Access to the REP Club forum.
  • Exclusive articles and weekly newsletter.
  • Discounts on our suppliers’ products and services.
In the near future I look forward to introducing online seminars, video content, and competitions to the platform.

If you would like to support the REPClub feel free to purchase a book or course from the Education page or list your business on our real estate photographer directory, where real estate photographers connect with the real estate industry.

Please Note: The information on this website is for informative purposes only and you should seek appropriate independent professional advice before making any decisions based on material found on this website or any linked sites. Some articles contain referral links to products and services in which we may receive a small commission from any purchases made, which helps fund the administration and IT costs involved with running this platform.

Warm Regards,
Steven Ungermann
Haus Photo Media