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The Real Estate Photographer Club (REPC) is an online community that provides real estate photography tips and resources across all aspects of the business from marketing and finance through to equipment and technique. The REPC is the go-to blog for photographers who want to learn how to start a real estate photographer business.

What We Do

As one of the leading media companies within the real estate photography industry, we consistently deliver high-quality content to our community through news, features, interviews, and educational resources.

At the heart of our business our goal is to connect and educate real estate photographers across the globe while building a community to grow and learn together.

Our Business

The Real Estate Photographer Club is part of the Haus Photo Media group of companies. HPM was established in 2019 to provide a variety of educational resources for photographers in the real estate and architectural photography fields.

Our portfolio of businesses include best-selling real estate photography books, online real estate photography courses, the online business directory for real estate photographers, and social media channels.

Advertising Opportunities

The REPC platform provides several advertising opportunities including email marketing, website ad displays, sponsored social media posts and advertorials.

To receive a copy of our media kit please send an email to or complete the form below.

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