Camera Bags for Real Estate Photographers

When it comes to camera bags for real estate photographers, it is really up to you which type of camera bag you choose and will depend on the amount of spare gear you bring, whether you need to walk long distances from your car to the properties, your budget, and personal preference when it comes to style.

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In my experience, I find that using a discreet camera bag that appears to look more like a briefcase or messenger bag is best for a number of reasons. It is not obvious that the bag contains thousands of dollars worth of gear and it looks more stylish when you need to stop into cafes for uploading photos or meeting clients between photo-shoots.

For real estate photography, it is also ideal to use a discreet looking camera bag when shooting in apartment complexes as sometimes you will be shooting for an external party (agency) that has ‘stolen’ the management rights to the apartment/s. These property managers are usually frustrated and can attempt to stop you from shooting the complex, even though you have permission from the property owner and the real esate agent. To avoid having to deal with these onsite property managers, I have found that it’s best to use a discreet-looking camera bag so that you appear to look like a visitor or a tenant from within the building. 

If you have spare lenses, camera bodies, and other equipment, you can leave this in a second camera bag in your vehicle. If you are leaving your second equipment bag in your car, ensure you have the appropriate insurance to protect your goods from theft. 

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