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Estimate Market Share as a Real Estate Photographer

Market share is the portion of a market controlled by a particular company

History of Real Estate Photography

Governments, companies аnd іndіvіduаlѕ hаvе bееn buуіng and selling lаnd аnd оthеr real рrореrtу for сеnturіеѕ, however

Getting Started in Real Estate Photography: Define Your Purpose

Important considerations to make when getting started in real estate photography include

Competitive SWOT Analysis for Real Estate Photography

Performing a SWOT analysis of your competitors will give you a clear indication of your position within the market regarding brand power, pricing, strengths and weaknesses, marketing activities, service offering and quality of work.

Getting Started in Real Estate Photography: Risk Factors

Some of the risks and other factors to consider before starting your own real estate photography business include...

How to Break Up with a Real Estate Agent

There may come a time in your real estate photography career when you need to ‘break-up’ with one or more of your clients. This may be for many reasons. Maybe you..

Real Estate Photography: Trends & Seasonal Factors

Understanding peak seasons for sales and rental activity assists your real estate photography business..

Service Development (Part 6/9 – Real Estate Video)

Real estate video is generally reserved for prestige properties or agents who like to use video content on their social media platforms to help...

Developing Your Products & Services (Part 5/9 – Virtual Staging)

Vіrtuаl ѕtаgіng (or virtual furniture) as a service has grown in popularity in recent times as the market becomes comfortable with the use of...

Developing Your Products & Services (Part 4/9 – Aerial/Drone Photography)

In this 9-part series I will discuss nine services that you can offer through your real estate photography business. Although it is not essential...

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