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Estimate Market Share as a Real Estate Photographer

Market share is the portion of a market controlled by a particular company

Competitive SWOT Analysis for Real Estate Photography

Performing a SWOT analysis of your competitors will give you a clear indication of your position within the market regarding brand power, pricing, strengths and weaknesses, marketing activities, service offering and quality of work.

Target Markets for Real Estate Photographers

Researching and understanding the needs and wants of each of these individual sectors within the property industry will also give you the opportunity..

Developing Your Products & Services (Part 8/9 – Real Estate Signboards)

Real estate sign boards are a great way to earn extra revenue by setting...

Developing Your Products & Services (Part 7/9 – 3D Tours)

3D tours (also known as virtual tours) are an extremely effective tооl tо generate leads and interest online as it provides a detailed ‘life-like’...

How to Establish a Real Estate Photogapher’s Customer Profile

When running your real estate photography business you need to be able to provide your clients with services and products that help them create...

Service Development (Part 6/9 – Real Estate Video)

Real estate video is generally reserved for prestige properties or agents who like to use video content on their social media platforms to help...

How Collecting Payment at the Right Time Can Maximize Your Revenue

While your choice in processing platform can have an effect on the interface in which you collect payment, one of the other most important...

Referral Partnerships for Real Estate Photographers

Referral partnerships are a great marketing strategy for real estate photographers. They are relatively easy to setup and do not cost you anything. If...

How to Set Your Prices for Real Estate Photography

Setting the service prices for your real estate photography business can be one of the hardest and stressful parts of starting your business. You...

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