Choosing a Flash for Real Estate Photography

A good quality flash is the second most important piece of equipment (other than a camera body) for real estate photographers after the wide-angle lens. It is best to use a flash that has a good life span and uses interchangeable batteries (so you can carry fresh batteries in your bag), especially if you use the HDR/flash method I discuss on this platform.

You will need a manual flash/Speedlight that produces consistent power throughout each shoot and also has fast recycle times, so you don’t need to wait more than a couple of seconds between each bracketed exposure fired.

Canon and Nikon both produce great Speedlights for interior photography, however there are other decent Speedlights available for different camera brands.

Expect to pay between $250-$650USD for a good quality Speedlight with sufficient recycling times and power (GN rating) for real estate photography.

Note: This article is an extract from the resources on the Education page on this website. 

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