Choosing a Lens for Real Estate Photography

When getting into real estate photography, choosing the correct lens is crucial to capturing quality real estate images. Unfortunately, most lenses that come with your DSLR will not be sufficient for shooting real estate interiors or exteriors.

These lenses are still great for lifestyle and creative work, however, you will still need a good quality wide-angle lens for your real estate shoots. 

If you plan to use a full-frame camera, the minimum focal length required is 15-17mm, and if you plan to use a small frame/cropped sensor, the minimum focal length required is 10-12mm.

You won’t be shooting at the lens’ widest setting all the time, but it’s good to have the extra width in case you need it for tricky shots such as in small bathrooms.

Most interior shots will be taken at a focal length of between 18-22mm on a full-frame or 14-18mm on a cropped sensor. 

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