Developing Your Products & Services (Part 3/9 – Copywriting)

In this 9 part series I will discuss nine services that you can offer through your real estate photography business. Although it is not essential to offer all these services, it is a good business strategy to offer at least the primary services required to compile an online real estate listing which usually includes interior and exterior photography, aerial photography, floor plans and copywriting.

Solely offering photography can discourage clients from using your services as they will be required to contact another real estate photographer for additional services (i.e. floor plans, copywriting) that are regularly provided by real estate photography businesses. If this happens, they will most likely use someone else’s photography services, as it will be much easier for them to deal with one business instead of two. In today’s Part 3 we discuss real estate copywriting as a service.

Most real estate agents will write their own property descriptions for their real estate listings; however there are some that prefer to hire a professional writer to complete this for them due to a lack of time or creativity.

Unless you are also a talented writer or plan to employ a copywriter, it is best to outsource this service to a contract/freelance writer in your country who can research the property’s location and utilize the photos and additional property information you provide to generate a well-written article.

The reason it is best to hire a freelance writer in your own country is that they will have a better understanding of the proper language, the property location and grammatical structure for a real estate advertisement in your country.

It’s as simple as providing your writer with the photos and other materials (floor plan, video, etc.), property address and any key points that your client wants to highlight in the property description.

You may like to offer two or more options for your copywriting products in the form of word length with a small discount between the pricing. For example ‘Ad Copy – 250 Words’ for $100 or ‘Ad Copy – 500 Words’ for $160.

Ensure that your cost price for the service (the freelance writer’s fee for doing the work) allows you enough ‘room’ for a mark-up of at least 20-50% without pricing you out of the market – what your customers are willing to pay and what your competitor’s are charging if they are offering the service too.

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