Developing Real Estate Photography Services

Unlock success in real estate photography services. From residential to drone photography, meet client needs for standout property listings.

In this 9 part ‘service series’ I will discuss nine real estate photography services that you can offer through your business. Although it is not essential to offer all these services, it is a good business strategy to offer at least the primary services required to compile an online real estate listing.

The primary real estate photography services typically include interior and exterior photography, twilight photography, drone real estate photography, floor plans and copywriting. More advanced service offerings include Matterport tours/virtual tours, real estate video, and project marketing services, and will be discussed in other articles on this website.

Real Estate Photography Services

Solely offering photography can discourage clients from using your real estate photography services as they will be required to contact another real estate photographer for additional services (i.e. floor plans, copywriting) that are regularly provided by real estate photography businesses. If this happens, they will most likely use someone else’s photography services, as it will be much easier for them to deal with one business instead of two.

The photography services you offer will set the foundation for your real estate photography business. The different types of photography services to be provided should include:

Real Estate Photography Services: Daytime Residential

Interior and exterior images of residential properties, which may include apartments, condos, houses, town homes, etc.

aerial real estate photography services
aerial real estate photography services

Real Estate Photography Services: Commercial Real Esate Photography

Interior and exterior images of commercial properties, which may include retail stores, cafes, office space, industrial warehouses, etc.

Real Estate Photography Services
how to start a real estate photography business

Real Estate Photography Services: Twilight Photography

Twilight photography unveils a different side of properties, emphasizing architectural features, ambient lighting, and the warmth of interior spaces. The interplay between natural and artificial light creates an atmosphere that resonates with potential buyers, evoking an emotional response. Learn more about capturing Interior and exterior images of residential and commercial properties photographed during the three phases of twilight here.

how to start a real estate photography business
how to start a real estate photography business

Real Estate Photography Services: Drone Real Esate Photography

Low and/or high elevation images photographed using a drone/UAV are great service offerings if you have the skill and equipment to offer them, otherwise you can outsource this service to a local contractor and charge a mark-up on the cost price that they charge you.

Aerial photography demands technical mastery and creative insight, and clients will recognize the added value it brings. In the forthcoming articles on the REPC, we’ll guide you through drone selection, flight techniques, legal considerations, and post-processing.

how to start a aerial real estate photography business
how to start a realestate photography business

How many images should you provide your clients?

This depends on your location and what the market expects. I would typically provide the client with at least 8 – 16 images of their property depending on the type of shoot (i.e. sale or rental) and the size of property. In some cities it is not uncommon for the real estate agent to expect 30-50 images of their property listings.

Pricing for real estate photography services

Commercial, twilight and aerial photography services should attract a premium when it comes to the pricing structure, as there is more technology and time involved with providing these services. Learn more about pricing your services here.

Delivery time-frames

As a rule, you should have the ability to offer your clients ‘next-day’ turnaround on the photographs as they are normally under pressure from their clients to publish their property listing in a timely manner. To offer next-day (or even same-day) turnaround, you will need to have editing staff or contractors to edit the images as soon as possible to ensure that the images are ready to send to the client by the next morning.

In Part two of this series will we discuss how to create floor plans for realtors.

how to start a real estate photography business

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