How to Provide Drone Photography Services for Real Estate

Expand your real estate photography business by learning How to Provide Drone Photography Services for Real Estate

Introduction: How to Provide Drone Photography Services for Real Estate Agents

In this 9-part series, I’ll explore nine valuable services you can offer through your real estate photography business. While it’s not necessary to provide all these services, it’s strategic to offer the essential ones needed for a comprehensive online real estate listing. These typically include interior and exterior photography, aerial photography, floor plans, and copywriting. In this article (part 5), I will discuss how to provide drone photography services for real estate agents.

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Drone technology has improved quickly over the last few years.

Solely offering photography can discourage clients from using your services as they will be required to contact another real estate photographer for additional services (i.e., floor plans, copywriting) that are regularly provided by real estate photography businesses. If this happens, they will most likely use someone else’s photography services, as it will be much easier for them to deal with one business instead of two.

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Long gone are the days when photographers would need to charter a helicopter to obtain aerial images or video for their client’s property listings. Not only was this expensive, but it was also
unpractical for most properties and very time-consuming. Drone technology has improved quickly over the last few years, and you can now send a drone into the sky within a matter of minutes and start shooting or recording breathtaking footage.

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Commercial agents (especially industrial, bulky goods and commercial centre specialists) will require aerial photography for most photo-shoots to show the size of the land and building from an elevated point of view. Aerial photography is also important for showing how close a residential or commercial property is to schools, road networks, shopping centres, parklands and other nearby amenities which can add value to a property.

Residential properties will also benefit from aerial images if they are uniquely shaped, are premium properties, have large land areas or are acreage-style properties. You may like to offer an aerial shot/s as a part of your regular photo shoot for a competitive advantage by adding more value to your service than your competitors.

Most countries have laws governing the commercial use of UAV’s/Drones. You will need to check with the governing body for drones in your country and ensure that you or your drone operator has the correct licenses and insurance in place before you carry out any drone services. Some real estate agencies will also request of copy of your license and insurance before they use your aerial photography services.

How to Provide Drone Photography Services for Real Estate

Conclusion: How to Provide Drone Photography Services for Real Estate

When pricing your aerial photography services, consider how you’ll offer them: as an add-on to real estate photo shoots (e.g., real estate photography + 5 aerial photos), or as a separate service for large commercial or residential properties. You might also offer both options. Stay tuned for upcoming articles where I’ll dive deeper into aerial photography techniques, pricing strategies, and drone reviews.

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