Service Development (Part 6/9 – Real Estate Video)

Real estate video is generally reserved for prestige properties or agents who like to use video content on their social media platforms to help with advertising their listings and growing their personal brand. However with more and more real estate agents realising the power of social media, there have been more agents utilising real estate video to include in addition to the real estate photos and other marketing materials they typically include in their marketing packages.

There are many styles of real estate video from your standard ‘walk-throughs’ and basic slideshows to cinematic masterpieces and viral marketing videos depicting comedy, beautiful women or a fleet of supercars to encourage views and shares of the video on Facebook and other platforms.

Other types of videos you may like to offer includes staff profiles, market updates and local community videos. Staff profiles involve an introduction of each staff member within an agency. The purpose of these videos is to allow potential clients to learn about their local agent and discover their warm and friendly personality.

Market update videos and local community videos are regular one to three minute videos that provide the audience with the latest real estate trends and market data from your local area. A recent trend for these videos is to film them in a local café or restaurant to highlight the agent’s community spirit and help local businesses also gain some exposure through the video. They strengthen the agent’s brand awareness within the community and promotes their confidence and knowledge of the local area. The benefit of offering these videos is that it is ongoing work as market updates and community videos will usually be required every month or quarterly throughout the year.

All video products can also be exported into ‘social media friendly’ packages for agents to post on different platforms. Simply tailor the output size, file type and video duration to the specifications for each social media platform. This can be an extra service provided in addition to your videos and an added revenue stream for your business.

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