How to Offer Real Estate Video to Your Clients

Discover how real estate photographers can expand their services by offering engaging real estate video to their clients.

Introduction: Real Estate Video Services

Real estate video is rapidly becoming an indispensable tool for agents aiming to enhance their property listings and expand their personal brand through social media. For real estate photographers looking to expand their services, understanding how to offer real estate video effectively can open up lucrative opportunities and add significant value to your business.

how to start a real estate photography business
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The scope of real estate videos varies widely, from straightforward ‘walk-throughs’ and basic slideshows to elaborate cinematic productions and viral marketing clips that may incorporate comedy, visually stunning elements, or even a fleet of supercars to drive up views and shares on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

how to start a real estate photography business
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For real estate photographers new to this niche, it’s important to explore various styles and types of content that can be included in your service offerings. These might include:

  1. Staff Profiles: Videos that introduce each staff member of a real estate agency. This personal touch allows potential clients to get to know their agents and can foster trust and approachability.
  2. Market Updates: Regularly produced one to three-minute videos that provide the latest real estate trends and market data specific to an area. Consider filming these in local settings such as cafes or restaurants to highlight community ties and support local businesses, enhancing the agent’s community image.
  3. Local Community Videos: These videos focus on the local community and significant local events or features, helping to build the agent’s brand as a community-focused entity.
how to start a real estate photography business
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To be successful in offering real estate video services, it’s crucial for real estate photographers to understand the technical aspects of video production that are specific to real estate needs. This includes knowing how to capture a property in its best light and from the best angles, ensuring smooth and appealing walk-throughs, and being able to edit footage into a compelling narrative.

how to start a real estate photography business
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Furthermore, creating ‘social media friendly’ video packages is an essential skill for a real estate photographer. Tailor the output size, file type, and duration to fit the requirements of different social media platforms. This adaptability not only makes it easier for agents to post your videos but also increases their and your visibility online. Offering real estate video provides real estate photographers with a great opportunity to ‘upsell’ their existing services.

how to start a real estate photography business
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Conclusion: Offer Real Estate Video Services

Offering these services requires a blend of technical proficiency in video production and an understanding of the real estate market’s unique demands. By providing a diverse range of video products, real estate photographers can help real estate agents not just showcase properties, but also enhance their professional image, engage effectively with their audience, and drive more sales.

Premium virtual staging

This approach will not only broaden your portfolio but also establish a recurring revenue stream as agents continue to need fresh content for their ongoing marketing efforts. Learn about how to offer virtual staging and 360 tours to your real estate clients.

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