Do You Need a Trademark for a Real Estate Photography Business?

Exploring the world of real estate photography trademarks: Is it necessary for your photography business? Find out more.

A trademark is a way of distinguishing your business from competitors in your industry. In the photography industry, it is typical for a trademark to be in the form of a word/s (business name)
or logo however a trademark can also be a number, letter, phrase, jingle, picture or a combination of these.

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Trademarks for Real Estate Photography

It’s not essential to register your real estate photography business name or logo as a trademark, but it can give you that extra protection and peace of mind. There isn’t a universal trademark registration currently available and each trademark must be registered via the government of the country it is active within. For example, the Indonesian government does not have the power to register a trademark for use in Australia, and vice versa.

Real Estate Photography Trademarks

When applying for a trademark it is strongly recommended that you consult a trademark attorney as the registration procedure can be difficult and time-consuming if you are inexperienced in this process.

Costs vary considerably between countries, but as a guide; it costs approximately $275-$475 to register a trademark nationwide for each class of goods or services within the United States through an attorney, depending on their experience.

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