In this four-part series you will be introduced to the four basic elements composition for real estate photography and airbnb photography.

Education Resources

Some of the content within this platform provides a preview of the content within the books and courses published by Steven Ungermann/Haus Photo Media. Please feel free to use the links below to purchase the content below and support this platform.


Real Estate Photography Masterclass

The Real Estate Photography Masterclass is an introductory masterclass to the various elements of shooting professional real estate photos.

Technical information is explained using diagrams, and the course includes 30 case studies that discuss the technique and settings used to capture each composition.

The course is divided into several modules covering how to select the right equipment, execute proper technique for various interior and exterior spaces (at daylight and twilight), and also manage the workflow process required for real estate photography.

Business & Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Photographers

This course provides a blueprint for setting up and growing your real estate photography business through an effective business strategy and development of an effective marketing plan. The course has been divided into several modules to cover the most important aspects of the business from market research, service development & pricing strategy to business structure & finance.


The Business of Real Estate Photography

The Business of Real Estate Photography provides the blueprints to start your own real estate photography business by providing a detailed guide on developing a business strategy and marketing plan, in addition to valuable information on the financial and legal aspects of the business.

Photographing Interiors and Architecture

Photographing Real Estate Interiors and Architecture explains in detail the recommended equipment, technique, and workflow process for running a successful real estate photography business.

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