Insta360 One X Real Estate Photography Tips: Enabling HDR

Learn Insta360 One X Real Estate Photography Tips to unlock HDR on Insta360 ONE X for superior real estate photos!

Insta360 One X Real Estate Photography Tips

For those venturing into real estate photography with an Insta 360 ONE X, tapping into the built-in HDR capability can significantly elevate the quality of your images.

Enabling HDR is crucial before commencing the shoot to optimize your virtual tours and display properties in their best light. This guide provided by My360 offers straightforward insta360 one x real estate photography tips, focusing on activating HDR to enhance your real estate imagery.

Insta360 One X HDR

The HDR feature generates multiple exposures automatically for each room or exterior space that you capture, to help create a better quality 360 image. This is the only technique to create photographs to HDR using the Insta360 ONE X at the moment.

You can’t convert them once they’ve been imported to your desktop, and Insta360 Studio for desktop doesn’t currently support it. Follow the seven steps below to utilise the HDR setting on your Insta360 ONE X;

Step 1

Connecting Your Insta360 ONE X Camera To Your iPhone:

Go to your settings > Wifi Settings > connect to the Insta Camera

insta360 one x real estate photography tips

Step 2

Open the insta360 app and click on the camera to start making a new picture:

insta 360 one x second hand

(if this is your first time using this camera, this screen will be empty) Step 3

Make sure the HDR is enabled in the bottom row

insta 360 one x second hand

Step 4

Make the shot by clicking on the large yellow button

insta 360 one x lens replacement

Step 5

When the shot is done, click on the small image icon in the left bottom corner

insta 360 one x lens repair

Step 6

Wait for the processing to finish (this can take a while depending on how dark your images are)

insta 360 one x microphone

Step 7

All done! Now your images are converted to hdr and you can continue your workflow!

To summarise the above points;

  1. Use your smartphone to connect to the camera.
  2. To begin taking a picture, open the Insta App and tap the camera icon.
  3. In the bottom row, make sure HDR is turned on.
  4. Capture your image.
  5. In the left bottom corner, click the small image icon.
  6. Wait for the processing to be completed.
  7. Your image has now been converted to a high-dynamic-range (HDR) format.
insta360 one x real estate photography tips
Photo by Editors Keys on Unsplash

Leveraging the built-in HDR capability of Insta 360 ONE X is instrumental for those looking to enhance their real estate photography. Following the aforementioned uncomplicated steps ensures your virtual tours stand out, showcasing properties in their optimum light.

For those keen on exploring more insta360 one x specs and photography guides, myriad resources are available to refine your photography skills and deliver unparalleled results in real estate imagery. Learn more about setting up 360 virtual tours for your real estate photography business here.

If you are interested in more guides, Insta360 One X real estate photography tips, and virtual tour software for creating amazing virtual tours for real estate, visit My360 Virtual Tours website.

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