How to Become a Real Estate Photographer in 2024

Launch your career in real estate photography with our comprehensive guide to how to become a real estate photographer in 2024.

Introduction: How to Become a Real Estate Photographer in 2024

In 2024, the world of real estate photography continues to evolve, offering abundant opportunities for those looking to enter this lucrative and dynamic field. This article on how to become a real estate photographer in 2024 will walk you through the essential steps and strategies needed to launch and succeed in your career as a professional real estate photographer.

how to become a real estate photographer in 2024

Understanding the Field of Property Photography

Real estate photography is more than just taking pictures of properties. It involves a deep understanding of architectural aesthetics, lighting, and composition to make spaces look inviting and appealing. As a real estate photographer, your work significantly influences how properties are perceived by potential buyers and can make the difference between a potential buyer calling an agent or scrolling on to the next property listing online.

how to become a real estate photographer 2024
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1. Get the Right Equipment

Investing in the right equipment is crucial. A high-quality DSLR or mirrorless camera, a wide-angle lens (preferably 16-35mm), a sturdy tripod, and external flashes are essential. In 2024, incorporating drone photography for aerial shots of properties has become increasingly popular, so consider obtaining a drone as well when developing your service offering.

how to become a real estate photographer 2024
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2. Develop Your Skills

Real Estate Photography Skills

Master the basics of photography, including exposure, composition, and lighting in addition to your shooting technique and your onsite workflow. Real estate photography often requires shooting in various lighting conditions, so understanding how to balance natural and artificial light is vital.

best point shoot camera for real estate photography

Post-Processing Skills

Learn how to edit your images using software like Adobe Photoshop and/or Lightroom. Post-processing plays a significant role in enhancing the final images. Professional real estate photographer and author Nathan Cool has some great books on real estate photo-editing and real estate video editing. There are plenty of online real estate photo editing courses on Udemy and Skillshare.

3. Build a Portfolio

Create a portfolio showcasing your best work. Initially, you may have to take photos of friends’ and family members’ properties to build your portfolio. A diverse portfolio that includes various property types (residential, commercial, interior, exterior) will be more appealing to potential clients.

how do i start a property photography business for no cost

4. Understand Real Estate Market Trends

Stay updated with real estate market trends. Being knowledgeable about what homebuyers and realtors are looking for can give you an edge in tailoring your photography to meet market demands. Study up on real estate photography and property terminology with our comprehensive glossary for realty photographers.

5. Networking and Marketing


Connect with realtors, interior designers, and home staging professionals to secure your first paid shoots. Attend real estate events and join online forums to expand your network and increase the opportunity to also receive referrals from your network to real estate agents. Learn more about networking in this article.

Branding your real estate photography business

Online Presence

In 2024, having a strong online presence is non-negotiable. Create a professional website and utilize social media platforms to showcase your work and attract clients.

Local market research for real estate photography startups
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Upsell Your Property Photography Services

While your foundational real estate photography services are essential, an opportunity exists to increase your ‘per shoot’ revenue (and overall business revenue) by upselling your services to your clients and encouraging them to purchase extra services in addition to real estate photography. Think aerial photography, real estate videography, extra images, and more.

how do i start a real estate photography business for no cost

The easiest way to do this is by offering real estate photography packages which bundle 2 or more services at a slightly discounted rate that can be carried out during the same visit to the property. Real estate photography packages can not only bring more value to the real estate agent’s property listing, they can double or even triple the income generated for each booking that you secure.

how to create 2D floor plans for real estate

6. Pricing and Business Management

Develop a pricing strategy that reflects the quality of your work and the current market rates. Also, understand the basics of running and a business, including invoicing, taxes, and other financial elements.

Navigating the intricate process of pricing real estate photography services demands careful consideration. Discovering how to charge for real estate photography requires a SWOT analysis of a photography business and a strategic approach to pricing photography packages.

Comprehensive guide to launching a real estate photography business
Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

This comprehensive guide walks you through the intricacies of setting prices for your real estate photography services, ensuring your real estate photography business thrives while maintaining its brand integrity and financial stability.

7. Continuous Learning

Real estate photography, like any other field, is constantly evolving. Engage in continuous learning through workshops, online courses, and staying abreast of the latest technology and techniques in photography.

how to become a real estate photographer 2024
Image by Kiên Trịnh from Pixabay

8. Specialize and Diversify

Consider specializing in a particular type of real estate photography, like luxury homes, holiday homes/Airbnbs or commercial properties, to stand out. Alternatively, diversify your skills to include videography or 360-degree virtual tours.

360 virtual tours business tips

Conclusion: How to Become a Real Estate Photographer in 2024

Becoming a real estate photographer in 2024 demands not only technical photography skills but also a keen understanding of the real estate market and strong networking abilities. By following these steps and staying committed to continuous improvement and adaptation, you can build a successful career in real estate photography.

how to start a real estate photography business

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