Patience is Key

Although there are some direct marketing methods that can help you obtain new clients quickly when starting your real estate photography business, you should have a long-term view for your marketing efforts, almost like ‘planting seeds’.

Every email, networking breakfast or Facebook advertisement is a seed planted that can sprout when you receive a reply email, phone call or Facebook message sometime in the future.

There’s no need to panic if you don’t get results from your real estate photography marketing strategy straight away. Remember that the more ‘seeds’ you ‘plant’, the more chance your efforts will result in new real estate clients down the track.

Potential real estate clients may not need your services right away when they see your Instagram ad or when you sent them an email. However, many real estate agents and property managers will save your email, screenshot your Instagram ad or write down your details for when they need your services. When the time comes for them to sell a property, they may go back through their inbox to find your email and reach out. Sometimes I would receive an email reply from a real estate agent 6-12 months after emailing them my brochure.

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