Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Real Estate Photographers

PPC is a type of internet marketing where you are charged a fee when somebody clicks on your advertisement. The three types of PPC advertising methods that can be effective for your real estate
photography business include social media advertising, paid search marketing (i.e. Google Ads) and display advertising.

The most effective social media platforms for paid advertising are Facebook and Instagram as they have the largest audiences and you can target certain demographics and interests, resulting in higher click-through rates and more genuine leads.

Using banners, text and image ads on different websites that link back to your own is known as display advertising. These generally are less effective than social media and paid search marketing however they are great for building brand awareness.

The largest provider of paid search marketing is Google Ads which show your ads to users that are searching the keywords you have selected when setting up your ad campaign. It allows you to bid on the maximum price you wish to pay for your ad to appear in the Google search results when someone carries out a search that comprises that keyword. For example, if you bid on “real estate
photography” it may appear at the top of the search results when an agent types this into Google.

The cost per click is higher for more popular words, with some of the most expensive words being
“insurance”, “casino” and “business services”, costing more than $55 per click in 2018. The word “photography” is also expensive but narrowing down the keyword search to “property photography”,
“real estate photos”, etc., is more affordable as less people are bidding on these keywords.

To get the best results from your PPC advertising, you should start with a relatively small budget and experiment with different ads by changing the headlines, graphics, and other variants depending on which type of PPC advertising you are using. Other forms of PPC advertising include affiliate marketing and price comparison website advertising, however these are not usually relevant to service-based businesses such as real estate photography.

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