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The Real Estate Photography Masterclass (Course)


The Real Estate Photography Masterclass

The course delivers the content of the book (Photographing Real Estate and Architecture) in the form of an online courses.


Welcome to The Real Estate Photography Masterclass, the complete guide to photographing real estate interiors and architecture.

The course is structured to teach you how to select the right equipment, execute the proper technique and manage the workflow process required for real estate photography.

The course includes comprehensive case studies explaining techniques and settings for dozens of interior and exteriors compositions. Technical information is simplified with diagrams and the course includes templates to assist with carrying out photo-shoots in an efficient and professional manner.


Photography for Real Estate

The history of real estate photography and an overview of the real estate industry.

Equipment and camera setup

How to select the right equipment including camera body, lens, tripod, flash and other essential gear for real estate photography.

Camera Setup and Technique Explained

An in-depth tutorial on the recommended settings and shooting process for real estate and how photographers develop their personal style over the course of their careers.

Operations Plan

An overview of the entire production process from receiving bookings for your services to delivering the final marketing materials to clients.

Photographing Interiors

This chapter includes a breakdown of challenges and techniques associated with photographing Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and different types of living rooms, with case studies.

Photographing Exteriors

An in-depth explanation of the challenges and techniques associated with photographing houses, apartment buildings, pools and different types of lifestyle facilities. Includes detailed case studies.

Photographing at Twilight

Includes an in-depth look at the three different twilight phases with the assistance of diagrams and case studies.

  • Certificate of Completion.
  • Property Shoot List.
  • Home Preparation Guide.
  • Lifetime Access to The Course.
  • No Risk -30 Day Money Back Guarantee



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