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Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Photography


Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Photography


A short guide to winning new clients with proven marketing strategies.

This free eBook is an extract from the author’s best-selling book ‘The Business of Real Estate Photography’.


One of the biggest problems that real estate photographers have once they have set up their business as a legal entity, obtained all the right equipment and perfected their technique is obtaining new clients.

Clients and customers are the lifeblood of any business, but how do you obtain new clients after starting your business? By developing and executing a strategic marketing plan tailored to your business.

This short guide has been written to help real estate photographers develop their marketing plan and assist with winning new business. It includes a series of digital and direct marketing strategies along with useful tips and lessons the author has learned from his own experiences that can save you time and money when growing your business.

A marketing action plan template has been included to help photographers execute the strategies learned in this guide book.


Author: Steven Ungermann
Print Length: 24 pages
Format: eBook
Publisher: Haus Photo Media


You can download the eBook direct from this site or alternatively the book can be downloaded from the following external platform;



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