Developing Your Products & Services (Part 8/9 – Real Estate Signboards)

Real estate sign boards are a great way to earn extra revenue by setting…

Real estate signboards are a service add-on that is usually overlooked by most real estate photographers, however it can add a lot of value to your customers as it’s one less person/company they need to contact to organise the marketing materials for their sales or leasing campaign.

Although a real estate signboard can only be seen when passing by the property and cannot compare to the exposure an online listing can receive (unless the house is on a very busy street), its real purpose is to strengthen the brand awareness of the agent who is selling or leasing the property amongst the local community.

sign boards for real estate

When locals drive past the sign each day and see the agent’s name and smiling face and/or company logo on the sign, it is highly likely they will contact that same agent advertised on the signboard when the time comes for them to sell or lease their property.

Real estate signboards are a great way to earn extra revenue by setting up a partnership with a local sign printing and installation company. You simply purchase the signs at wholesale price and charge a mark-up (i.e., 20-50%) when you on-sell the service to your clients.

You should have an agreement that the sign writer prints and installs the sign at the property and then collects and stores it when it has been leased or sold. Just remember to keep track of the signs you have installed throughout the neighbourhood in a simple excel spreadsheet. This service can add an extra $50-100 profit to each photo-shoot depending on the partnership agreement and cost price that you establish with the signboard company.

sign boards for real estate

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