Quick Guide to Photographing Real Estate (Part 3/7 – Bedrooms)

Important elements of a bedroom include personality, lighting, color scheme, décor, and positioning of the bed and other furniture.

Each room or space within a home is unique with its own purpose, character, and story. Within this 7 part series I will provide an overview of the key elements of each space, and general instructions, challenges and tips on how to photograph them. Last week I discussed photographing kitchens, and in this article I will be talking about bedrooms.

Bedrooms are one of the simplest rooms to photograph inside a home as they present very few challenges compared to bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. The furniture pieces (bed, chest of drawers, etc.) within a bedroom are typically closed forms, also known as self-contained forms.

Important elements of a bedroom include personality, lighting, color scheme, décor, and positioning of the bed and other furniture. Bedrooms are typically captured using one of three compositions depending on the size of the room and placement of windows and doors.

This photograph a the bedroom includes three walls to show the true size of the room.

In the photos depicting a full view of the space, you should try to have three walls visible in each composition and avoid ‘cutting off’ windows or the doorways to ensuites or walk-in robes (especially in master bedrooms). Two full walls should be included in most compositions, and the third wall is only partially shown as a ‘border’ to give the viewer an idea of the size of the room. If the bedroom has a view, try to incorporate this while paying close attention to the setup of your composition.

If the bedroom has an ensuite, or WIR (walk-in robe), you should try to include these entrances in the shot to highlight to the viewer that the bedroom has these features.

This full view shot of the master bedroom includes the access to the walk in robe in the background.

Close-up detail shots should focus on the quality, texture and pattern of the bed linen, pillows and throws, and the lamp shades and décor placed on the bed-side tables.

In next week’s article I will discuss photographing bathrooms.

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