Real Estate Photography for Holiday Homes & Airbnb: How it Differs

Real estate photography for holiday homes differs from long-term rentals; it captures the ‘experience’ guests anticipate, not just the layout

In the dynamic world of property rentals, there exists a nuanced difference between general real estate photography and real estate photography for holiday homes & Airbnb. While the former often emphasizes structure and layout, holiday rental photography and real estate photography for holiday homes delve deeper into evoking the unique experiences awaiting potential guests.

The primary difference between real estate photography for a long-term rental and a vacation home or short-term rental is that in the latter your goal is to highlight the ‘experience’ guests can enjoy instead of focussing on the general layout of the home which would typically include wide-angle shots of the front and rear façade, the bedrooms living area, kitchen and bathroom/s.

Real Estate Photography for Holiday Homes

Real Estate Photography for Holiday Homes

Some elements of a typical real estate shoot apply to a holiday rental, however you must go deeper in regards to telling the story of the experience the guest will enjoy, such as the outdoor setting where they can enjoy a complementary morning coffee and soak up inspirational views before heading out an exploring local tourism hotspots.

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People will have a different mindset when booking a holiday home than when they book a long-term rental property, as their needs and wants are very different in both scenarios. Long-term renters are typically seeking storage space, close proximity to the workplace or public transport, schools, grocery stores, etc. The layout of the home, and the size of rooms is also important as they need to make calculated decisions about how well their furniture will fit each space.

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Short-term or holiday rental guests will look for certain facilities (i.e. study desk, coffee machine, free breakfast, etc.) as well as proximity to entertainment hubs, tourist attractions, bars, cafes and restaurants. Your images must satisfy the requirements of prospective guests as this will be the first part of your listing they will see when searching online and is therefore your chance for a great ‘first impression’.

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Planning AirBnb photo-shoots

When planning an Airbnb/holiday home photo-shoot, take the time to study the target market for the owner and the features their guests would be looking for when searching for the ideal ‘home away from home’. Keep in mind that the ‘story’ you develop through your photographs should be focussed on these features to capture the interest of the target market.

To successfully navigate the realm of real estate photography for holiday homes, it’s pivotal to transcend mere structural representation. Understanding the aspirations of holiday-goers and showcasing the promises of a memorable stay can make the difference. As the digital front door to prospective renters, your photographs should not just depict a space, but narrate the tale of the ultimate holiday experience.

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