Real Estate Photography Marketing During COVID

Pandemic restrictions impact real estate photography. Adopt virtual tour techniques, leverage Zoom, promote twilight photography, and emphasize COVID safety.

Although the COVID-19 restrictions throughout the pandemic situation (and beyond) vary greatly from country to country and even city to city, the real estate photography business is especially vulnerable given its reliance on face-to-face interactions within people’s homes. The restrictions enforced by government due to COVID-19 also bring along challenges when it comes to real estate photography marketing. Read on for some direct marketing methods for real estate photography businesses to keep momentum throughout the pandemic.

Real Estate Photography Marketing

Real Estate Photography Marketing Tips – Request Referrals

Ongoing communication with your customers and prospects is a key component for success. Focus on repeat customers and push for referrals as these will be your strongest and most affordable method of growing your business. The level of immediate trust that an agent can place on your business after being referred to by their friend is exceptionally high – higher than any digital or direct marketing strategy. Through this method you will not even need to meet them face to face to win them over, and a call or Zoom meeting will suffice. Ensure that you continue to support and nurture the relationships with your existing clients through frequent emails and calls (even if just to check-in on them).

Make use of Zoom and other virtual meeting platforms

Replace ‘face to face’ coffee or office meeting with Zoom meetings, as this gives you the chance to build rapport and initiate the professional relationship. You can use these platforms to catch-up with existing clients to show you care, especially during lock-downs or tighter restrictions.

Real Estate Photography Marketing

Make it easy for agents to book your services

Make it as easy as possible for clients to book your services – ensure you have an online booking system on your website and that you give the option on your website (home page or contact page) to organise a Zoom meeting. Also, give potential and existing clients the option to call, email, or send a message through WhatsApp or similar messaging platforms.

Real Estate Photography Marketing – Direct mail campaigns

Although this is considered an ‘old school’ direct marketing strategy, direct mail campaigns will enable your business to stay in touch and stay relevant. It is worth spending a small percentage of your marketing budget on printing flyers and sending them to existing and potential clients in your area.

Real Estate Photography Marketing tips for beginners

COVID safety Initiatives for real estate photographers

Promote your COVID safety initiatives through your website and social media to help people feel safe and trusting of your business. Don’t forget to make it clear that your business is open during these times – let people know through your website, social media, and email signature.

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