Real Estate Photography Technique: Kitchen + City View

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Real Estate Photography Technique: Kitchen with a City View

This week’s image was captured during a twilight shoot of a two-bedroom apartment located in an inner-city suburb. The subject is the ‘galley’ style kitchen with city views out to the right-hand side. The purpose of this composition is to highlight the quality of the kitchen finishes, lighting and the addition of city views for the potential buyer or tenant to enjoy. The camera is raised on the tripod to be position approx. 30cm higher than the kitchen benchtop to provide clearance over the benchtop and balcony railing, however a further 10-20cm of height would have also worked well.

real estate photography technique


The rule of thirds has been applied to position the view in one third of the frame as it is not primary feature of this image, but more of a ‘bonus’ for the viewer. The entire kitchen fits nicely in the first two-thirds of the frame reinforcing its status as the focus of this image.


The finishes and fixtures are clearly visible in the image which is important to the viewer as they need to see the quality and availability of kitchen appliances. The 45-degree angle of the camera lens to the benchtop assists with the viewer clearly seeing the benchtop overlay, which comprises of a marble benchtop and laminate in this scenario.

A ‘front-on’ composition would also show these kitchen features quite well however the city view would not be visible in the image (see below).

real estate photography editing course
This ‘front-on’ composition shows these kitchen features quite well however the city view is not visible.


The converging diagonal lines of the benchtop edge, cupboard edges, tiles and row of lights help take the viewer’s eyes on a journey from the left-hand side of the image, across the primary subject (kitchen), and out to the dining space, balcony, and city views.


Although quite small, the dining space visible on the right-hand side of the image between the kitchen and the balcony help reinforce that the apartment has an open-plan design. This open plan design is more evident when viewing the other images from the photo-shoot (see below living space), but the theme is maintained within this photograph of the kitchen.

real estate photography earnings
The living room space showing the open-plan design of the apartment.
real estate photography exposure blending
The original image.

Photograph Information

Camera: NIKON D750

Aperture (ƒ): 11

Focal Length (mm): 15

ISO: 1000

Shutter Speed (s): 0.6s (5 Brackets)

Flash Fired: No

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