Real Estate Photography Technique: Lounge Area in Inner City Apartment

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Real Estate Photography Technique: Lounge Area in Inner City Apartment

The week’s image was captured during a twilight shoot of a two-bedroom inner city apartment. The subject is the lounge room segment of the ‘open plan’ living and dining area with views out to the outdoor dining setup (on balcony) and the views of the neighbouring hillside.

The tripod and camera were positioned on the edge of the sofa shooting through the living room to expose the balcony and expansive views over the houses in the distance.

The 20mm focal length was used to tightly crop the plant on the left-hand side and the sofa/cushions on the right of the image. Five bracketed exposures were captured without flash to cover the dynamic range of the interior and exterior.

real estate photography technique


The rule of thirds grid places the indoor living/lounge area within the first two-thirds of the image, and the outdoor dining/balcony and views in the right-hand third of the frame.


The diagonal lines of the TV cabinet, rug, tiles and glass coffee table assist with carrying the viewer’s eyes across the image and out to the balcony and distant view.


A touch of vertical symmetry is applied by having the corner of the room (opposite to the camera) in the centre of the image.


The plant on establishes a nice border on the left-hand side of the frame and adds a splash of greenery to the somewhat neutral tones that dominate the interior.


The edge of the balcony door and the top of the sofa help create a border to the right of the image. Although this ‘closes’ the image, this is fine when used in a series of images to tell the story of the home and communicate the ‘open plan’ living room message to potential buyers or renters.


When setting up the camera for this composition the camera was raised slightly (using the centre column) on the tripod to reveal more of the distant view and the outdoor dining setting/balcony from behind the sofa cushions.

14mm for real estate photography

Photograph Information

Camera: NIKON D750

Aperture (ƒ): 11

Focal Length (mm): 20

ISO: 1250

Shutter Speed (s): 1/3” + 1/6” + 1/15” – 1/30” – 1/60”

Flash Fired: No

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