Real Estate Copywriting Services: A Photographer’s Secret Weapon

Unlock the power of real estate copywriting services to elevate your property listings and satisfy clients effortlessly.

Many real estate photographers wonder if offering real estate copywriting services is worth it. The answer? A resounding yes. Writing ad copy for real estate listings is something that real estate agents either love or hate. If your client is one of those agents who hates putting together a few hundred words to accompany their real estate photos online, they may at some stage ask if this is a service that you provide.

The answer to whether or not this is something you should provide in addition to your regular real estate photography services is, yes. However, as this can be a time-consuming task even for the most talented writers, you should outsource this service to a contract writer in your country.

Real Estate Copywriting Services

The easiest way to set up this service is to find a copywriter within your country who can provide high quality real estate copywriting at a price that allows you to add a comfortable mark-up to their price.

copywriting services for real estate photographers

Then it’s as simple as providing your writer with the photos and other materials (floor plan, video, etc.), property address and any key points that your client wants to highlight in the property description. They should be able to research the property’s location and utilize the photos and additional property information you provide to generate a well written article that you can deliver to your client with their photos the next day.

Offering Real Estate Copywriting Services: Summary

Real estate copywriting is a valuable addition to your photography arsenal. If your clients dread crafting property descriptions, you’re their savior. Outsourcing to a skilled local copywriter ensures high-quality listings. Find a writer who offers quality at a reasonable cost. Provide them with property details, and let them weave a compelling narrative. Copywriting is a game-changer for real estate photographers. Enhance your services, make clients’ lives easier, and watch your business thrive. Click here to learn more about setting up real esate copywriting as a service.

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