Referral Partnerships for Real Estate Photographers

Referral partnerships are a great marketing strategy for real estate photographers. They are relatively easy to setup and do not cost you anything. If done correctly they can generate a significant amount of genuine leads for your property photography business.

Referral partnerships involve working with a business that you are not competing with, but both of you share the same type of client. For example, a cleaner is typically hired by a property manager or
onsite manager who is responsible for the leasing and organising maintenance of the property. They are also in charge of hiring real estate photographers to provide the visual materials when it comes time to lease one of the properties they manage.

If the cleaner has agreed to a referral partnership with you, they can recommend their clients to your real estate photography company in exchange for you to do the same with your existing and future clients. As the referral comes from someone that the property manager knows and trusts, they will be more likely to give your services a try the next time they require a real estate photo-shoot for a property listing.

Referral partnerships can also work online by sending traffic to another company’s website in exchange for them sending traffic to your real estate photography business website. This can be done by simply having a ‘Partners’ page on your website where you list your referral partners logos. You can also do mutual ‘shout-outs’ on social media where you both advertise each other’s service in a post on social media.

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