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MarketingSearch Engine Optimization for Real Estate Photographers

Search Engine Optimization for Real Estate Photographers

SEO is simply a way of ensuring your website can be easily found in search engines when people are searching words relevant to your business offering. SEO results in better exposure, more website traffic and increased trust from the consumer which leads to more inquires for your services.

An effective SEO strategy for real estate photographers should comprise of a great user-experience, quality content, link-building, relevant meta descriptions and headlines. Ensure your real estate photography business website is quick to load, does not include unnecessary information and is also optimised for use on mobile platforms. Each page on your business website should utilise descriptive page titles, keywords (i.e. real estate photography, Miami real estate photographer, etc) and meta descriptions in addition to a strong call to action button (i.e. ‘book now’, ‘contact me’, ‘call us’, etc.).

The content on your real estate photography website should be genuine and relevant to your target audience to improve its scoring by Google. When writing articles for your blog, you should use 4-word keywords and long-form content for better results. For example, instead of “Floor Plans” you would write “Floor Plans for Real Estate” as a headline. A strong and catchy headline attracts attention from the user in the search results, while well-constructed and relevant meta descriptions can have a positive influence on click-through rates.

As Google generally ranks your website in search results based on the quality and number of backlinks it has, it is important to spend time building high-quality and genuine backlinks. Some genuine methods include guest blogging, submitting articles and links to various websites (targeting high-profile websites), contributing to forums, completing online interviews, and submitting testimonials.You can also generate more genuine backlinks through online business directories such as HauzPhotographers.com, which helps connects photographer with the real estate industry.

Creating and executing a strong SEO campaign for your real estate photography business is time consuming and requires a lot of effort but is fundamental in establishing a high ranking on Google search results organically.

Note: This article is an extract from the resources on the Education page on this website.

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