Target Markets for Real Estate Photographers

Researching and understanding the needs and wants of each of these individual sectors within the property industry will also give you the opportunity..

The real estate industry is made up of more than just real estate agents. There are many sectors within the real estate industry that require professional real estate photograph. These are all potential target markets for real estate photographers.

They may not necessarily be selling or renting their properties/projects either. For example, architects may require professional photos of their project for architecture competitions and their project portfolio.

Business owners may need professional photos of their office or facilities for use in advertising their business online and in printed marketing collateral. Property developers and architectural visualisation companies require photographs of land for use in photomontages and aerial renders.

Below is a list of each sector in the property industry that requires professional photographs of commercial or residential property:

  1. Residential real estate agents
  2. Commercial real estate agents
  3. Small and large-scale builders
  4. Architectural Visualisation Companies
  5. Building and asset managers
  6. Property developers
  7. People selling their homes privately (without an agent)
  8. Architects
  9. Home stylists and interior designers
  10. Property consultants
  11. Business owners
  12. Advertising agencies

The largest and most obvious market segments you should be targeting are residential and commercial sales and leasing agents. However, you may like to focus your business on the other segments within the property industry depending on your interests, existing professional network, location, and business goals.

Researching and understanding the needs and wants of each of these individual sectors within the property industry will also give you the opportunity to expand your client base and tailor specific marketing campaigns for each market. You may also benefit from having multiple portfolios on your website for the specific sectors/sub-sectors.

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