Guide for Real Estate Photography Composition: Balancing Space in Interiors

Improve your real estate photos with this real estate photography guide on balancing interior space.

In this 7-part guide for real estate photography, we explore the seven elements of interior design, starting with ‘Space.’ Developing a basic understanding of the 7 elements of interior design as a real estate photographer and assists you in easily identifying the elements (within an interior or exterior space) in which you can work with to create a more visually striking composition.

Guide for Real Estate Photography Composition: Part 1 | Balance

You should aim to achieve a balance between the positive and negative space within the room by having furniture and décor in the positive space and keeping a distance between them to create negative space.

Guide for Real Estate Photography

The balance between negative and positive space avoids a feeling of ‘emptiness’ in one extreme and ‘over-cluttering’ in the other. You should consider the location of traffic paths within the room, and the size and height of the furniture when trying to achieve your desired outcome.

Real Estate Photography Guide
Photo by Steven Ungermann on Unsplash

If you are going for a minimalist ‘feel’ you should have more negative space than positive and the opposite for a maximalist design.     

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