How to Upsell Your Products with Real Estate Photography Packages

Dive into the art of upselling with comprehensive real estate photography packages. From aerial shots to videography, enhance listings and boost your revenue.

The Power of Real Estate Photography Packages

While your foundational real estate photography services are essential, an opportunity exists to increase your ‘per shoot’ revenue (and overall business revenue) by upselling your services to your clients and encouraging them to purchase extra services in addition to real estate photography. Think aerial photography, real estate videography, extra images, and more. The easiest way to do this is by offering real estate photography packages which bundle 2 or more services at a slightly discounted rate that can be carried out during the same visit to the property. Real estate photography packages can not only bring more value to the real estate agent’s property listing, they can double or even triple the income generated for each booking that you secure.

Services in Real Estate Photography Packages

Elevate with Aerial Photography Services

If you have the drone equipment and necessary licence to operate a drone adding aerial photography to your real estate photography package can be a no-brainer. Real estate agents will often ask for ‘a few drone shots’ of their property if they know you offer drone services. If you have a real estate photography package that includes a number of aerial photographs this can be an easy upsell.

Real Estate Photography Packages

The Storytelling Appeal of Real Estate Videography

By integrating real estate videography into your real estate photography package, you transform static listings into engaging visual narratives for your client’s listings. As more agents seek video content for their listings, offering a package that includes still images and real estate video could be your competitive edge.

RealEstate Photography Packages
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The Virtual Staging Advantage

Virtual staging offers flexibility and affordability, and more and more real estate agents are beginning to understand the advantages of virtual furniture compared to physical staging. This is the best service you can add to your real estate photography package as it can generate a large amount of profit for very little work if you have a great a virtual staging supplier. Check out this article to learn more about how to offer virtual staging services.

Real Estate Photo Packages

Why Not Add Floor Plans?

Giving potential buyers a spatial understanding of a property complements your photos and videos. In my own personal experience, the ‘photography and floor plan’ package has been my best selling real estate photography package. Real estate floor plans are a popular service for both rental and sales agents as potential tenants and buyers/investor appreciate having a floor plan to review as part of a property advert.

You can carry out the floor plan measurements onsite before or after you complete the photo-shoot and the service does not require expensive equipment to carry out floor plan mapping. For a deeper understanding of how to offer real estate floor plans, delve into my article ‘How to Make Floor Plans for Realtors’.

Real Estate Photography Package ideas


Although real estate copywriting is getting harder to offer as a service due to the availability of AI tools for copywriting, you could still offer this as a service for busy agents who do not have the time to produce their own copy for real estate advertisements. Your copywriting service could include to 250-500 words as part of your real estate photography package.

RealEstate Photographer Packages
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Simple add-ons to incorporate into your real estate photography packages include;

  • Extra Images (i.e. +10, +15, +25 images)
  • Dawn / Twilight photography
  • Same-day turnaround / express editing
  • Digital Decluttering (digital removal of clutter within the images)

Calculating Package Prices

To calculate the price for your package/s, simply add up the cost of each service that you offer individually and then subtract a discount of 10-20% from the total to arrive at the price for your real estate photography package/s.

real estate photography business marketing ideas
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Sample Real Estate Photography Packages

Basic Package – $350

  • 10 High-Resolution Photos
  • 3D Floor Plan

Premium Package – $650

  • 20 High-Resolution Photos
  • Aerial Photography (6 Images)
  • 3D Floor Plan
  • Virtual Staging (2 Rooms)

Luxury Package – $1,250

  • 30 High-Resolution Photos
  • Aerial Photography (12 Images)
  • 3D Floor Plan
  • Virtual Staging (4 Rooms)
  • Real Estate Video (3 minutes)

Note: The above prices are examples only. Suitable pricing will depend on your location, individual service prices, local real estate photography market, and pricing strategy.

how much to charge for real estate photography
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Crafting Your Unique Real Estate Photography Packages

Remember, it’s about understanding your clients’ needs. Some will prioritize aerial photography, while others focus on videography. Offering tiered packages, like the examples above, cater to a range of budgets and preferences.

Upselling with real estate photography packages is a strategy for growth. It’s not just bundling; it’s about enriching property listings, setting yourself apart in the market, and meeting the diverse needs of real estate agents.

how to start a real estate photography business

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