Where to get your bad MLS photos fix

Check out these 4 websites to get your ‘bad real estate photo’ fix today. 

Bad real estate photos taken by real estate agents are like a car accident… messy and horrific to look at, but you can’t look away. They are a great reminder as to why it is so important for real estate agents to always use a professional real estate photographer.

bad MLS photograph
Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

Bad real estate photos captured by real estate agents and home owners seem to have a common theme. They are usually poorly composed and show off the worst characteristics of a terribly decorated space. Images with ‘virtual furniture’ look like they’ve been put together by the office junior using clip art in Microsoft Word. They also somehow manage to capture themselves in the shots wearing very little clothing in some cases.

Check out these 4 websites to get your ‘bad real estate photo’ fix today. 

Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos

Andy Donaldson is the OG of bad real estate photo blogs with his website Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs. He began posting on the blog back in 2013 along with hilarious captions. 

Check out his website here.

He also shares the images on his Twitter account:

Bad MLS Photos

A website created by Barry Bevis – the owner of Bevis Realty in Tallahassee, FL and a sixth generation North Floridian. He started in Real Estate services over twelve years ago. Over the last ten years he has consistently been in the Top 5% of Realtors by sales volume in Tallahassee, Florida.

Check out his bad MLS finds on his website here.

Bad MLS Photos
Image Credit: https://badmlsphotos.com/2018/05/28/who-needs-a-drone/


A collection of bad MLS images curated by Buzzfeed staff writer Alex Naidus.

Check out his article here.

Bad real estate photos
Image Credit: https://www.buzzfeed.com/alexnaidus/incredibly-terrible-real-estate-photos?utm_source=dynamic&utm_campaign=bfsharecopy&sub=0_1649117#1649117

Property Onion

A collection of bad MLS image curated by the founder of PropertyOnion.

Damon is a real estate investor, a serial entrepreneur, a writer, developer, and a graphic designer. He began his real estate career in 2010 and enjoys it as a side hustle when he is not nurturing bits of code & content for his baby, PropertyOnion.com

Check out his curated collection of other agents’ bad MLS photo here.

scary real estate agent photos
Image Credit: Property Onion.
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