Which Spare Equipment Should you Bring to a Real Estate Shoot?

The amount of additional equipment should bring with you to a real estate photo-shoot depends on multiple factors;

  • Your budget
  • Volume of shoots performed each day
  • Service/s being offered

If you do not have the budget to ‘splash out’ on spare lenses and camera bodies, it is a good idea to at least have a spare camera battery and SD card/s. These are the two pieces of equipment that can cause the most issues to your workflow during the day.

For example, you may have forgotten to charge your battery from the day before or maybe you overestimated how many shoots you could get away with on a single battery on a busy day. Having at least one spare battery can save the day in these situations.

Photo by Nihon Graphy on Unsplash

SD cards often fail and can become corrupt or unrecognised by your camera, so at $30-$50 a piece, they are a good investment and can save you a lot of embarrassment. Spare batteries for your flash are always great to carry in your bag or car, and depending on your budget, an extra camera body, and lens.

If you are photographing several houses per day, having your camera break onsite or during transit can cost you thousands of dollars per day if you have to send it away to be repaired. This is where purchasing a spare camera body or a cheaper spare camera and wide-angle lens can keep your business running while you sort out an insurance payout or organise repairs for your broken camera.

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