Workshop Wednesday: Casual Living

Workshop Wednesdays are a weekly segment where I provide a composition analysis of a real estate photograph. If you have a specific type of room or exterior space that you would like to see in this segment, please get in touch.

This week’s real estate photography was captured during a real estate photo-shoot of a 5-bedroom rental property. The space shown in this image is the casual living room positioned adjacent to the formal living and dining areas.

Six bracketed exposures captured the dynamic range between the interior and the view outside the narrow gaps in the blinds on the windows. The extra (6th bracket) exposure was captured to help bridge the dynamic range between the interior and the bright exterior through the slits in the window openings.

The modern living room was captured from the entrance to the room with the camera positioned to face diagonally into the far corner. It captures two full-length walls and part of the third wall’s features to give the viewer a true sense of space.


The left-side of the frame was cropped at the TV, and the right side was cropped at the top of the chairs and the edge of the built-in bookshelves. The solid black colour of the TV creates a visual weight that is balanced by the greater amount of lighter coloured furniture on the right-side of the image.


The diagonal lines of the floorboards lead the viewer’s eyes towards the feature wall at the back of the room.


When applying the rule of thirds, this composition places most of the visual weight into the right-hand side of the images with the feature wall making up the left two-thirds of the space.


The diagonal lines of the white chairs on the right-side of the image sets the foundation for the image and contributes to leading the viewer’s eyes to the features wall via the floorboards.


The windows are only partially opened to only discretely show the view (as it looks into the neighbour’s courtyard), but still shows a splash of blue sky which complements the predominantly white and minimalist layout of the interior space.


The green plant in the right -side of the image also complements the white interior space, although positioning this feature on the bottom left corner of the composition would have been effective too.

Photograph Information

Camera: NIKON D750

Aperture (ƒ): 11

Focal Length (mm): 15

ISO: 640

Shutter Speed (s): 1/15s (6 Brackets)

Flash Fired: Yes

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