Workshop Wednesday – Laundry Room

Workshop Wednesdays are a weekly segment where I provide a composition analysis of a real estate photograph. If you have a specific type of interior or exterior space that you would like to see in this segment, please get in touch.

This week’s image was captured during a daytime photo-shoot of a 4-bedroom two-level home. The purpose of this image is to show the generous size of the laundry room. The laundry room was photographed from the doorway across to the opposite corner, which is centred in the frame.

Three bracketed exposures (two stops apart) were captured as the room was well-lit by natural light from the large sliding glass doors (to the right, but not visible in the image) and the interior was predominantly white, which helps bounce (natural and artificial) light evenly throughout the room.


The camera was turned to face diagonally across to the opposite corner of the laundry room which causes the diagonal lines of the dark grey tiles, cornices (corners of ceiling) and the edges of the cupboard doors and benchtops to help guide the eyes of the viewer along the images to unravel the features of the room – beginning from the appliances or ironing board cupboard, along to the ample cupboard space, benchtop room and eventually the stainless steel laundry sink and washing machine.


The rule of thirds has been applied to visually balance the features and layout of the laundry room, with the centre focus being the décor, laundry sink and dishwasher.


Although not relevant to the composition, the house next door is close to the window which has limited the amount of natural light entering from the window, which has made it easier to balance the dynamic range of the image (hence why only three bracketed exposures were captured).


The left and right borders of the frame have been ‘cropped’ by the (floor to ceiling height) cupboard on the right and washing machine/dyer stack on the left of the frame. The 17mm focal length was used to crop the image slightly tighter (2mm from the widest focal length capability of the lens) around these two features of the room.

These two towering features of the image also provide a strong element of vertical symmetry to the composition which appears well balanced in the frame.

Photograph Information

Camera: NIKON D750

Aperture (ƒ): 11

Focal Length (mm): 17

ISO: 250

Shutter Speed (s): 1/6s (3 Brackets)

Flash Fired: Yes

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