Workshop Wednesday: Resort Style Pool in Inner City Hotel

Workshop Wednesdays are a weekly segment where I provide a composition analysis of a real estate photograph. If you have a specific type of room or exterior space that you would like to see in this segment, please get in touch.

This week’s real estate photography was captured during a daytime photo-shoot of an inner-city hotel building. The purpose of this property image was to highlight the Olympic sized ‘resort style’ swimming pool area available for guests to enjoy.

The ISO setting was lowered to ISO200 as it was quite a bright day, and 3 bracketed images one stop apart were captured to bridge the dynamic range between the shadow on the building façade and the bright tiles in the foreground.

real estate pool photo


The camera was positioned at one end of the pool between the (pool) edge and the seating area to establish converging diagonal lines within the composition. The lines of the pool edges, fencing, and closed form of the outdoor furniture help lead the viewer’s eye down the image from the foreground.


The real estate photograph’s composition was set up to position the ‘resort style’ pool area within the bottom half of the images (making up the bulk of the bottom three thirds of the grid) as this is the focus of the image.

The actual luxury hotel building makes up a little more than two grid squares in the top right-hand side to give the image context, and the remaining space is filled by the blue sky to enhance the sunny ‘resort style’ feeling of the image.


The right-side border of the image is comprised of the hotel building to ‘close’ this side of the image.


The left-side is left open to create the impression of ‘uninterrupted views’ from the pool deck.


The clubhouse/gym is positioned in the centre of the image above the pool and pool deck which is split evenly between the left and right-side if the frame.

real estate pool photo

Photograph Information

Camera: NIKON D90

Aperture (ƒ): 11

Focal Length (mm): 13

ISO: 200

Shutter Speed (s): 1/1000s (3 Brackets)

Flash Fired: No

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