Workshop Wednesday: Study Nook

Workshop Wednesdays are a weekly segment where I provide a composition analysis of a real estate photograph. If you have a specific type of room or exterior space that you would like to see in this segment, please get in touch.

This week’s image was captured during a photo-shoot of a 4-bedroom multi-level rental property. The space shown in this image is the study nook which was position at the entrance of the formal lounge room towards the front of the home.

Six bracketed exposures were captured to balance the exposure between the dim artificial light at the study nook and the strong natural lighting flooding into the living room. This composition highlights the study nook feature and provides the viewer with an idea of its position in relation to the living room.


The rule of thirds was applied to the composition during the setup, to position the study nook (the focus of the image) in the left two-thirds and the living room in one third of the image on the right-hand side. This provides a preview of the living room without distracting from the focus of the image. A focal length of 22mm was used to tightly crop the image with the left side being cropped by the left leg of the desk.


The vertical line where the two walls meet creates a ‘divider’ between the two interior spaces in this ‘front-on’ image which emphasis the rule of thirds applied in point 1.


The chair was turned slightly inward so that the diagonal lines of the seat edges help guide the viewer’s eye toward the focus point of the image (the desk and artwork).


Turning the chair (discussed above), also ‘opens up’ the view of the desktop to reveal the notebook, teacup and stationery which enhances the aesthetics of the study desk setup within the image.


The two indoor plants provide a splash of ‘energising’ green amongst the predominantly neutral-coloured carpeting and furniture, and are balanced between the left and right-sides of the composition.


Like the green plants, the two large artworks provide colour in addition to visual texture with the left artwork dominating the composition and enhancing the focus on the study nook/left-side two-thirds of the image. The two artworks also add pastel blues to provide a sense of calm within the image.

Photograph Information

Camera: NIKON D750

Aperture (ƒ): 11

Focal Length (mm): 22

ISO: 640

Shutter Speed (s): 1/8s (6 Brackets)

Flash Fired: Yes

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